The Code

  1. Every person has the right to become a citizen of the SFP Republic by acquiring a unique SFPR NFT, which allows to receive a special SFPR passport. Each such citizen is required to abide by this code as it is in effect at the time and has one vote on matters of the moment.

  2. Every citizen has the right to sell the owned unique SFPR NFT to any non-citizen for any price the current citizen desires. In such cases sellers will keep their citizenships and their special SFPR passports. Each sale triggers 5% royalties paid to the SFP Republic.

  3. The royalties received from the sale of unique SFPR NFTs will be distributed as follows:
    – 50% to be donated to either charitable or scientific research projects.
    – 50% to be reserved for ongoing and future development costs of the SFP Republic.

  1. All citizens are free to communicate with each other, but only at times declared suitable by the addressed citizen and in a polite way. If more than one citizen is addressed, or others have a rightful need to be informed, the SFP Republic’s own channels must be used.

  2. Every citizen has a duty to promote the common prosperity and well-being of the SFP Republic and all its citizens. If anyone suffers severely due to unexpected circumstances, the other citizens shall make reasonable efforts to alleviate such suffering.

  3. All citizens are considered equal, free in thinking, and civil in behavior. Anyone guilty of hate speech, racism, sexism, or any other offensive words will first be warned, after the second time marooned for a set period of time, and after the third time loses the citizenship.

  1. The SFP Republic promotes the exploration of habitable exoplanets by appointing one ambassador per such planet in the order of their proximity to Earth. Citizens, who significantly add to the Republic’s donations, will be offered the next available position.

  2. Every citizen has the right to participate in any restricted crowdfunding for the benefit of the SFP Republic. Citizens, who fulfill the qualified investor requirements in the respective jurisdiction on planet Earth, also have the right to participate in selected private placements.

  3. The SFP Republic’s parent company is planning to issue an enterprise-wide digital currency. Every citizen has the right to claim a defined number of units, which will be spacedropped directly into the passport holder’s wallet.
  1. Citizens, who create significant benefits for the SFP Republic, will receive a honorary citizenship and can be chosen to become part of the Elders, who govern the Republic.